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Level up your social presence in your industry!

Do you have a specific group of people – other businesses, clubs, or your peers in your sport or hobby – who you would like to learn social media skills with? We run group training sessions customised to teach you Instagram for your industry.

Who is Specialty Instagram Training for?

These sessions are for anyone in a specific industry who want to come together to enhance their social media – and they don’t have to be businesses.

While these sessions are perfect for groups like hair and beauty businesses, they are just as valuable for communities like sporting clubs who want to teach their young athletes how to use Instagram to grow their personal brand and collaborate with other brands.

What’s involved

Specialty Instagram Training is customised to suit the group. Before the session we will discuss your goals and the people attending, then design the session to fit.

If you would like to organise an Instagram group training, let us know! We’ll teach interesting, relevant skills and give your attendees an amazing learning experience.