1:1 Instagram Strategy Session

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Customised training to get the best out of the Instagram platform.

Are you looking to develop a strategy to increase your following from the right audience?

Are you trying to implement an effective content plan that saves you time?

Or do you want to know how to create engaging Instagram Stories that gets your target audience talking about your brand?

Wherever you’re at in your social media journey, our custom training sessions are hands-on lessons to teach you everything you need to know to get the best out of Instagram and achieve your goals.

Setting you up for success

These Instagram training sessions are jam-packed to set you up for Instagram success. You will leave feeling confident, motivated and excited to implement your brand new Instagram strategy!

We make sure the session is tailored to you before we even begin. We will send you a questionnaire beforehand to clarify your goals and business direction. We will also do a thorough audit of your Instagram profile to see what areas need the most attention.

What the session covers

The session will cover:

+ Identifying your social media goals

+ Creating a strong Instagram bio

+ Understanding who your audience is

+ Content ideas + brainstorm

+ Content planning and posting

+ Engagement + community

+ Reviewing your insights

+ Provide resources to ensure you are set and ready to take everything on board! 


We also make sure you’re able to put everything into practice. After the session, we schedule a 30-minute follow-up call to see how you are travelling and answer any questions that may have come up after the session.